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According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated September 10, 2007 under No. 190 “On measures to increase the efficiency and improve the activities of the magistracy in the higher education system of the Republic of Uzbekistan” and fulfill the tasks outlined in the National Program for Personnel Training, as well as the Decree of the President No. 2215 “On the organization of the Tashkent State Dental Institute” in August 2014, a department of magistracy was organized.

The activities of the department are conducted in the following areas:

– development of state educational standards (SES) and other regulatory documents for Master’s specialties and their regular improvement based on the demand and supply of customers of personnel;

– organization of the educational process for the preparation of masters, quality control of education and training;

– management of the Master’s activity, modernization of the forms and mechanisms of organization of the educational process;

– monitoring the provision of the necessary textbooks and textbooks for all the specialties of the Master’s program, involving prominent scientists and highly qualified specialists in this process, and organizing the development of the scientific industry;

– monitoring the implementation of research work of students of the Master;

– control and coordination of activities for the preparation of masters at the departments of the institute;

– monitoring the progress of graduates of the Master;

– monitoring of the employment of graduates of the Master;

– Regular analysis of the work on the preparation of masters and the preparation of reports on it;

– creation of conditions for teaching staff leading classes in the Master’s program and increasing their professional and personal activity, developing mechanisms for their promotion;

– the formation and development of information support systems for the specialties of the Master;

– participation in the development and implementation of scientific and pedagogical projects and programs in cooperation with leading foreign and domestic partners;

– system analysis of the existing conditions, the definition of problem situations and the most important directions on the development trend of the Master;

– organization of the study of supply and demand in the areas of Master, ensuring competitiveness in the professional labor market and educational services, as well as the formation of marketing for the preparation of masters;

– creation of an information bank on jobs in the labor market for graduate students who have completed training on a budgetary basis; development of cooperation with employing organizations;

– development of proposals and instructions reflecting the interests of the participating partners in the process of preparing masters, as well as the formation of initiatives and projects, programs aimed at the development of specialties, based on the tasks assigned to the Magistracy.

At the Tashkent State Dental Institute, students of the Magistracy are trained in the following areas:

– pediatric dentistry;

– orthopedic dentistry;

– therapeutic dentistry;

– oral surgery;

– maxillofacial surgery;

– pediatric’s therapeutic dentistry.

Since 2014, the protection of master’s theses in English has been introduced.

The effective activity of the educational system of the magistracy in integration with foreign universities and research centers deserves special attention.

Educational programs are improved on the example of universities in Germany, Russia and South Korea.

Every year, 25-30 graduate students undergo advanced training courses at leading foreign universities and research centers.