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Study in Uzbekistan

Higher Education in Uzbekistan
All colleges in Uzbekistan are state funded. Since the establishment of the Wahhabi schools (based in Islamic fundamentalism), private schools have been forbidden. Between the years of 1992 and 2004, government spending on education went from 12 to 6.3 percent. Education is not highly valued in many parts of Uzbekistan. Programs of study tend to be centered around the economy or disciplines which involve training in industry or commerce rather than any areas focusing on self-actualization such as the arts or culture. The focus on education is generally on what will help the society, rather than the individual. But the government encourages furthering of education to work on improving oneself for the greater good.

Popular Universities
The three largest institutions of higher education in Uzbekistan are Nukus, Samarkand, and Tashkent. All institutions of higher learning in the country of Uzbekistan are state owned and operated and there are very few other options.

Tuition Fees
Tuition fees vary in Uzbekistan by the type of program. For specialties like General Medicine and Pharmacy, on the Master’s level, the cost is $3100-3500 per year. For specialties in nursing (Bachelor’s level) it is $2200-2300 per year. A specialty in pharmacy (Bachelor’s level) is $2200-2300 per year. Clinical residency costs are around $2500 per year and post-graduate work is around $3000 per year in US dollars.

Eligibility for Student Visas
Students who plan on attending a university in Uzbekistan may be eligible for a student visa. You must register an official statement with the Uzbekistan embassy within three days of entering the country. An official address where you are staying is also required at the time of entry. As part of the immigration process, you will be asked to declare exactly how much money you are bringing into the country as well, so that it can be reconciled before you leave. Also, Uzbekistan is one of the few Russian countries which still requires an exit visa. The government requires an exit visa and accountability of all monies in your possession because they do not want foreign currency leaving the country.

Why Study in Uzbekistan?
For anyone wanting a challenging and unique environment to study in, Uzbekistan can fit this bill. With their unique governmental policies and higher education options, you can choose from Business, Law, or other areas and some research opportunities are available to the right candidates. Schools are generally safe, as is the society, due to a police state which the country is now in. Transportation and communications are some of the modern conveniences you will notice in Uzbekistan. Many people prefer to take the underground train but you can hail a car anytime for a ride. Health insurance for students may be obtained by purchasing travel insurance from your regular health insurance company before leaving for the country of Uzbekistan. Many unique socialization opportunities exist through the universities and other means once in Uzbekistan. There are many students studying abroad there who enjoy the difference in culture and history you can find there.