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Objective: To improve the system of advanced training and retraining of dentists and to reduce the shortage of medical personnel in health care institutions and improve the quality of medical services for the population.

The faculty has 4 departments:

1. Professional development of dentists of the therapeutic direction – head of the department, MD. Khasanova L.E., Associate Professor Khamidova DA, Ass. Shakirova Sh.E., ass. Gaybullaeva Yu.H., ass. Mavlyanova N.T., ass. Abdullaev D.Sh., Pulatov O.A.

2. Improving the qualifications of dentists of the surgical direction – head of the department Kudratov Sh.Sh., Assoc. Sodykova Kh.K. Yusupova, Arslanov B.A.

3. Professional development and retraining of dentists of the orthopedic direction, Head of the Department Nazarov O.Zh., Prof. Makhsudov S.N., Assoc. Ph.D. Khaidarov A.M., Ph.D. Abduvakilov J.U., Ph.D. Akhmedov S.P., Dustmukhamedova, D.K., Yunuskhanova K., Muslimov O.

4. Further training of nursing staff, head of the department Usmanbekova G.К., ass. Kamilova N., ass. Avazov K.

Lectures and practical classes are conducted by the faculty of the TSEI, leading specialists from near and far abroad are invited to master classes and lectures. Practical classes are held in the dental clinics TGSI, as well as under an agreement with private clinics in Tashkent. Students of the courses are invited to participate in international scientific conferences held in the framework of TSEI.

The faculty training for dentists is carried out in the following specialties:

1. Therapeutic Dentistry

2. Periodontology

3. Prosthetic dentistry

4. Surgical dentistry

5. Orthodontics

6. Children’s therapeutic dentistry

7. Pediatric surgical dentistry

8. Maxillofacial surgery

At the department of advanced training of secondary medical workers, training is conducted in the following specialties:

1. Nursing in dentistry (dental assistant)

2. Dental technician

3. Nurse sterilization department

4. X-ray technician

The general improvement of dentists and nursing staff is 144 hours – 1 month, additional specialization of dentists 504 hours – 3.5 months, primary specialization of dentists 864 hours – 6 months, specialization of nursing staff 216 hours – 1.5 months.